Galvanize Labs provides
a unique and innovative approach to technology education.

We provide an empowering learning environment that encourages student engagement.

Galvanize Labs incorporates the National Education Technology Standards (NETS) as the basis of its curriculum, while addressing the need to assess student performance. Educators are provided with the tools needed to evaluate their students performance and aggregate the data across their organization.


In the past gaming and education
have had about as much in common as Han Solo and The Force.

However, in recent years, gaming and education have combined to create “gamification,” one of the hottest new trends. As many businesses, industries and educational institutions began implementing this new methodology, the real definition and impact of game dynamics begins to become watered down.

“Gamifying” as a process has focused on outcomes and creating a feeling of fun during the process. The Galvanize Labs point of view on gamification goes beyond the concept of just having fun. Having fun is an important component in gaming, but the most important component comes from creating internal motivation. Internal motivation drives us to achieve more than any other outside influence. Galvanize Labs’ application of game theory to education creates an environment that not only promotes fun and learning, but also creates the motivation to succeed.


Galvanize Labs recognizes that
understanding individuals is vital to creating a positive user experience.

That's why we ensure our products acquire meaningful data that drives acquisition, retention and quality interactions with users.

As a pillar of our company, data acquisition and interpretation stands at the forefront of our business goals. In order to create innovative products and services with lasting life-cycles we take time to create high quality data models that will keep the evolutionary cycle active in service of users' changing needs.